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Our Process

Every wedding and event we do is never the same as the one before because our clients are unique and deserve an event that fits their vision, personal taste and style.  Since there are so many variables such as colors, design styles, flower choices, arrangement size and shapes that determine the cost of the flowers arrangements, we do not offer packages.  Instead, we offer something much better. 

We offer complimentary consultations where we meet our clients in our office to discuss their vision, wants, needs and budget.  We follow up with a custom designed proposal and inspiration board to give as many visual examples of what we are proposing to help ensure your vision is being brought to life.  Making an appointment is easy, simply call us at 210.710.4792, or email us at  and we will be happy to schedule your appointment. 

Are you planning your wedding from out of town?  No problem, we have plenty of experience working with clients via phone and email.   Evember is committed to ensuring all our clients are given the time and attention that they deserve therefore we only book a select few weddings and events on any given weekend.  Even though we are staffed and have the capability of do more, we stand behind our policy of quality over quantity so don’t wait too long to schedule an appointment.

What to expect at your appointment

At the appointment, we will gather basic information such as name, date, venue and budget and then move to all the fun details such as your wedding colors, what style of arrangements do you like and finish by going thru a list of items to determine how many of each you many need.  We love to look at photos you have found of things you like such as Pinterest boards, magazines, pictures you saved on your phone. They are all a great way to get to know you better and make sure we capture your vision perfectly. 

One quick note though, we do NOT copy other designer’s designs.  They put a lot of work and time into their floral art and it is important to respect that BUT, we can use their design to inspire us to design one that is customized especially for you!  In our offices, you will find a display of all different types of vases, candelabras, compotes, lanterns, candle holders, décor items, a flower wall and much more that can all be used on your wedding day or at your event along with photos of some of our past work.   There is no need to run out and buy your own vases, lanterns or candles, chances are we already have them in stock for you to use which will be a savings to you.  However, if you have found items you would like us to add floral or décor too, please bring them with you to your appointment. 

Most of all, expect to come to your appointment at Evember and find a team that listens to what you want, cares about you and your event and are excited and dedicated to work long and hard hours to make sure your wedding or event is amazing!